Commencement speech

  Commencement speech By None Other than Lola! Seniors I bet this one hell of year and you are finally getting your wish of getting the hell out of high school! Some of you may hold on to memories that you will hold on for ever. Some of you may have memories you don’t ever […]

No gimmicks No Games Straight talk

Do you think its okay to sleep with a married man? Ladies let’s look at this scenario! Place your self in these fictional characters shoes! Setting: Let your imagination run free Character”s: Amara & Lance (married couple for four  yrs) Shanice: A single woman who has been in many relationship but yet it seems she […]

RI-RI has done it again!

I chose this particular rihanna song because it’s different from what i am used to hearing from her recently. Songs like S&M and Only girl or even Whats my name  are great songs but this song is showing the softer side of her.  Rihanna shows off her vocal talent. I have to admit that i wasn’t a fan at […]

” Who Run the world Apparently not You”

        Why in the hell do we reward mediocrity? Come on Beyonce let’s upgrade your lyrics at least to 12 grade level. These  elementary lyrics are appalling. I think I would better appreciate the song if Willow was singing it. I mean isn’t that a little more appropriate?  If willow was singing it I probably wouldn’t feel like its a […]