No gimmicks No Games Straight talk

Do you think its okay to sleep with a married man?

Ladies let’s look at this scenario!

Place your self in these fictional characters shoes!

Setting: Let your imagination run free

Character”s: Amara & Lance (married couple for four  yrs)

Shanice: A single woman who has been in many relationship but yet it seems she can’t find a stable one

                                                                   Scene 1 : location: Master bedroom 1:45

Lance: Baby I’m sorry that I’ve been working late lately. It’s just dedicated to my job. i mean being a paralegal isn’t easy. We been married nearly four yrs. This is not the first time i had to stay late. why are you trippen?

(Lance gets up from sitting on the edge of the bed and takes his pants off and throws it on the other side of the room)

Amara: It’s the same excuse every time. Explain the credit card receipts!

Lance: Look, what i buy on my free time is my business.

Amara: Hotel charges are my business. Who is the slut you’re cheating on me with? Don’t answer that. I want a divorce.

( Lance lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it on top of his pants. He pulled the covers back and he slid into bed eventually falling asleep)

   Shanice calls lance. He rushes out of the room to talk to her. He tells her they are getting a divorce  ans and it wont be long to til they can be together. Amara over hears it and throws a fit and he rushes shanice off the phone. Shanice starts to fall deeper I love. She thinks he’s going to leave his wife of four years to be with her.

  Amara: I’m pregnant.

Lance: Your what? how long have you been ..

Amara: Don’t worry. You have a life out side of our marriage. You worry about her because i’ve been saving money in a separate account for about 2 years just in case it would come to this. I will allow some visitation rights once the baby is born.

Lance: I’m sorry. I’ll break it off if you just give me one more chance.

                                                                              2 months later

Lance writes poor shanice a letter explaining that he is staying with wife and their unborn child. Also demanding her not to contact him anymore.

                                                     What the hell would you do?



3 thoughts on “No gimmicks No Games Straight talk

  1. its not ok to sleep with a marriage man because his ties is always to his wife. the single woman always get hurt because she is the new toy . When the new toy gets old back to his wifey. Please single woman stop playing game with yourself and get your own man.

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