Commencement speech


Commencement speech By None Other than Lola!

Seniors I bet this one hell of year and you are finally getting your wish of getting the hell out of high school! Some of you may hold on to memories that you will hold on for ever. Some of you may have memories you don’t ever want to rehash. Guess what?

You have made it this far. So take a load off and get happy! Your high school years should be life long lessons because have the people you know wont never grow the hell up. Shit you never know that they might be doing the same shit they was doing in high school 10 years from now! What I am saying is that what you did in high school let it stay there. Take your good qualities to college . Work hard and play later ! This is only the beginning!


Until Then party bitches!




Shout out to : Alexis Galloway

Alan Vargas

Nadiyah Hart

Kenya Lynn

Hafsa R.

Asher Walters

Dejah Lacey



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