Days of our lives : Small talk

What you think about what’s going on? graduation day for Salem High students Will, Gabi, T, and Kinsey   Gabi wants to commence with Will’s spoiled prom night plans Will realizes he’s not ready to go all the way with Gabi Gabi is hurt by Will’s rejection Caroline lends her support to an upset Gabi […]

Dear Michael jackson.

You are one of the baddest Mofo’s who ever stepped on planet earth. Your talent to move people was unreal. I’m here to tell you that you will not be forgotten. I pray that justice will be served not just for your fans but your family. I’m not celebrating your death i’m celebrating your legacy to live […]

Unleash your inner power!

Understanding your passion. What is it and why? Goals. What are my goals? How do i reach them?  If there is an error how do i reevaluate my goal? Being persistent! Taking yes for an answer and fighting the word NO! never give up! Stop playing the victim and become the sign of victory Belief or faith. […]

Thirst quencher!

Every time i listen to one of beyonce’s new songs i think of mary j bliges song 911… You know the one that wyclef screaming some body call 911.  SweetieI think you need to stick to singing ghetto anthems because your ballads could make a person jump off a damn cliff. 1+1  EPIC Fail …. I quote ” I don’t know much about […]