Lola Nefertari ” Guidelines to being happy”

  1. Smile ( With god anything is possible)
  2. Good reddens ( Forgive & Delete Negative people out of your life)
  3. pass no judgements ( Causes more anxiety then needed)
  4. Stand by your morals ( You know what’s wrong or right)
  5. Listen to good music (  Don’t internalize it. Just listen. Don’t forget it’s only for entertainment)
  6. Self love ( You have to love your self  before you can  love others)
  7. Class ( Dressing up. going out  to museums. Don’t be scared enjoy something new
  8. Friends ( Choose them wisely.)
  9. Take care of your body. ( Eat well. Eat healthy)
  10. Self interest ( Protect your reputation. Don’t let yourself get into compromising situations)
  11. Forgive & Forget
  12. Mind over matter
  13. Focus on goals
  14. Live life with no regrets but learn from your mistakes
  15. Travel( Explore the world)
  16. Be humble



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