Unleash your inner power!

  • Understanding your passion. What is it and why?
  • Goals. What are my goals? How do i reach them?  If there is an error how do i reevaluate my goal?
  • Being persistent! Taking yes for an answer and fighting the word NO! never give up!
  • Stop playing the victim and become the sign of victory
  • Belief or faith. Believing in yourself no matter what. Self love, self-interest. (No Vanity)
  • Time manage ment and organization!
  • Fun….Treating your self to something mice
  • Cultivation… enjoying other cultures
  • Living without limitations…Anything is possible
  • Smiling
  • Positive energy
  • Enjoying the simple things in life (appreciation)
  • Communication without and with technology
  • Supplement the knowledge you don’t know and learn it
  • Never let the right hand know what the left hand is doing
  • model yourself as successful
  • Work hard
  • eliminate negative friends
  • Again positive thoughts

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