Days of our lives : Small talk

What you think about what’s going on?

graduation day for Salem High students Will, Gabi, T, and Kinsey


Gabi wants to commence with Will’s spoiled prom night plans

Will realizes he’s not ready to go all the way with Gabi

Gabi is hurt by Will’s rejection

Caroline lends her support to an upset Gabi

Caroline also reminds Gabi that Will is one of the good guys

New guy, Sonny Kiriakis comes to Salem

Sonny meets up with family and potential new friends

Abigail tells Adrienne about her new man, Chad

Adrienne gives Abigail a few words of warning about dating a DiMera

Chad laments on being a DiMera and his new job

Chad also wonders how he’ll tell Abigail about his new place in the family business

Kate wonders how to get Abigail out of her family’s business

Jennifer continues to wonder what’s wrong with Carly

Jennifer notices the pill residue on Carly’s desk

Carly tries to cover things up


3 thoughts on “Days of our lives : Small talk

  1. Hey Congratulations. graduating is an amazing accomplishment. Follow your dreams and enjoy the ride. Remember DOOL is just a fantasy…you ARE the reality. Peace, love & music, Andy (UM 70′)

  2. Congrats!!!
    I know you love music… so i just wrote a new blog entry of a local miami 17yr old artist you may find enjoyable, but let me know!

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