Wisdom like no other: Take it.

Sometimes in life you get knocked off your path.

What should do about it?

How should you feel ?

We’ll first of only you can decide what’s your next step. If you are willing to replace your hurt with passion. You need passion to revamp your self for every time life throws a hurricane in your path. Revamp your self in a way that you understand your faults and how to regain control over what ever it is  your on a mission to get to.  No one can exactly tell you how to feel. We are humans. We are individuals even though we are connected . We feel and take things differently. What someone can offer you is a peace of mind, words of encouragement. It is definitely up to you to make your next move your best move. I and many other people have probably had made plans and it just didn’t end the way we had expected. Thats life. Sometimes the going get rough but you got to keep truckin .. Don’t say fuck it. Fuck it means you gave up. Every day is a test or a lesson.

Learn to live, Live to learn, Move on the bigger picture, Smile to laugh, laugh until in brings you happinss……


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