When love isn’t enough

I’ve loved you, I’ve given you all that i can give,                                                   Didn’t you hear me, i keep hoping that one day you’ll see that i’m the one that you need, When love isn’t enough  what the hell am i supposed to now,             My palms are sweating and my heart keeps beating,                         My eyes keep leaking tears, Why isn’t my love your priority,                                 I’ve loved you from day one, I wiped them invisible tears when you lost your way,  I was there when life wasn’t in your corner but yet i am the one being disrespected. My tears have stopped because i can’t cry any more. What happens when love isn’t enough. Days with you are fading  way like chivalry in today’s society, our love is lost in the universe next to some of the dead stars, Who knows if my feet will recover, I’m tired of chasing you, My mind is tired of replaying your image,  When love isn’t enough what happens next, Got me distressed and vexed, Limited feelings baby i’m num, I keep siting here waiting on you to change like a piece of chewed gum on the side-walk, is my damn fault, aw i look so cute now that your gone but every body knows that’s i look cuter with you beside me , holla if you hearing me, you aint hearing  me if you was i wouldn’t be complaining, drowning in my sorrow , digging a deeper hole, putting salt on my wounds, when love isnt enough what should i do.


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