The Wind

     The Wind A warm silent breeze, pushing and blowing poppy seeds, A stairway , a lead to a special case, the whisper of the wind, It’s no longer keeping our secret, It swept us away, giving us the key to humanity, in the palm of our sweaty little hands, The theory of humanity […]

Rose petal Dreams

    Red Red, All the things to be said, about the smooth rose petal dreams, all the themes , people and scenes, an erection of fear, A place full of dull happiness, Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood would you be mines, Come live life as a flower, bloom and blossom, develop and […]

Music Industry the cause of men and women well over there 40’s not growing up?

I overheard a conversation recently about how the music industry is a full-blown fantasy but common folks can’t understand that. Men at the age of 40 are trying to perserve their youth by dressing like lil Wayne or jay-z… Jay-z is a 40 something year old man still rapping about drugs.  Come on people watch […]