Blinded- Written by Lola Nefertari (Me)


I’m blinded

I’m blinded by your ingenuity,

The way you articulate your schemes,

I feel like I’m imprisoned by your lies,

Your lies,

Your attempt to control,

It’s all just a game to you,

a gain to whom I don’t know,

Your word choice has its own craft,

Envy you,


I pity you,

I’m filled with laughter,

you’re a tornado,

Society views you as a disaster,


Convicted conflict-ion,

With all your flaws in all,

Who knows your fall may be hard,

you are just a fallen star,

Reclaim your throne,

You’re way out of your zone,

Your like an adolescence in a broken home,

time is ticking you minus well pull the trigger,

kill the thoughts of you ever standing next to me,

seeing me fall from the scene I dreamed,

Well I’m blinded,

how could I see your wickedness,

You’re sick,



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