Under Construction from 12/8?/2011—————01/21/2012 I am working on 2 new projects as of right now. I need time to get more readers and actually take time to write about trending topics.  So might write a few  things. Once again i want to thank my subscribers and people who support me. Now it’s my turn to […]

Braxton family thoughts

First I want to say i absolutely like the show. It’s very entertaining.: The first issue I’m going to attack is Tamar’s Vanity and narcissism. She’s fabulous but her over the top attitude’s is going to ruin her. It’s one thing to have confidence but it’s another to have larger than life ego. My suggestion […]


Tonight i will fall asleep and dream up  an adventure, Where i’m at peace and i’ll admit that life is sweet, and i’ll find treasure and burry it in my heart, Forever, Together we will be and you will see what the seven sea’s really mean, At last a romance that is fantasy with clean […]