Moonlight & Vodka Special: One dose of fantasy & One dose of hard Reality =priceless advise


Have you ever faced an issue where it left you frazzled and at crossroad?

(Many of us have and Many of us doesn’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with certain conflicts)

Did your future depend on it?

( Most likely it did because one action leads to many chained event)

( Always look at life as a chess game . Make your next move your best move)


In all honesty problems aren’t that easy to solve. Some are equipped to be very perplexed but yet it also can serve as  an lesson. Life is fragile. You can make it worth your while or you make things in your life complicated. Take a leap of faith and adress it and put  it in the pass so tht you can move forward. At the end of  the day you can expect some personal growth. You dived into and you let it go ..Who’s the winner? The one who dwells and maintains the miserable state of mind or the one who lets go and pushes forward. You be the judge.

Any who… 

The moonlight; Person A dwells on the  current situation. Pretends the situation will change. Continues to walk the path of optimism or denial which leads to confusion and dummy missions. The moonlight can escort you to the fantasy but your’re the one who has the ultimate control and also who needs to accept the reality.

The Splash of Vodka: Take stuff literal but not too personal. Accept and Move on. If you cant change it leave it. Somethings aren’t meant to be fixed.

                                                                                                     Smooches ,

                                                                                                     Lola Xoxo






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