What Happens in Salem...

Ah, Lucas and his invisible fiancée from Hong Kong, Autumn. Let us all remember them in happier times–

–the times of one-way phone calls, of Lucas telling people about Autumn, of Sami not being able to remember her name.

Because that’s all she wrote, folks. Yesterday, during a commercial break, Autumn dumped Lucas over the phone. He was upset for about twelve seconds, though it only took four or five before he resolved not to even bother trying to get her back. Yes, this love story for the ages has come to an end.

Like most things in present-day Salem, Lucas “returning to Salem with a fiancée” turned out to be totally underplayed and largely inconsequential. It had almost no impact on story except that he wasn’t immediately free to jump into bed with Sami. Could he not have been a little more torn? Couldn’t we have seen him resisting…

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