Count Your Blessings!

Gratitude Attitude!

I highly recommend the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne (author of “The Secret” and “The Power“).  This book is what got me on the path to daily gratitude.

“Gratitude is portable – you take it with you wherever you go, and then wherever you go, the magic happens!” – Rhonda Byrne

Byrne suggests that you begin your gratitude journey by counting your blessings and then stating “why” you’re grateful for them.  Make a list of ten things you’re grateful to have.

Do you feel stuck?  Another way to think of this is “My Favorite Things” or “Things I Can’t Live Without“.  Making a list of your favorite things or necessities can sometimes be much easier, especially if you aren’t yet in a grateful mindset.  Once you’re done, look at that! BAM! An automatic gratitude/blessing list.

Today I am grateful…

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