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For many people loose change is just an annoyance.  It weighs down your purse, clutters your desk drawer or accumulates between the sofa cushions.

Factoid: Coinstar estimates that there is over $10 billion in loose change hiding in people’s houses. That is an average of $85.00 per household.

For some, loose change represents a saving opportunity.  I am one of the latter, who uses the accumulation of loose change as a way to contribute to a rainy day fund, vacation or general savings.  Every evening, I dump any loose change I have into my money jar; sometimes I even throw in a few dollar bills. Once, I accumulate $75.00-100.00, I send it in to Sharebuilder and use it to buy stocks. This is money I do not miss, and now I have that loose change working for me.

At a holiday gift show, I had the opportunity to hear loose…

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