Whats been going on..

First off i would like to start off by saying hello and thank you to all the people have visited or followed this blog. You have definitely been a factor in the reason why i love blogging. Your support is appreciated. Any who i have been driving myself crazy about writing a novel & saving money that i haven’t took the appropriateImageto time to sit down and actually blog. It’s funny because i actually have allot to say but i can’t stop the procrastination. Good news is that i am here and i am  ready to write. Now i also would like to Congratulate all the indie writers & future indie writers. I don’t think i realize the time and effort you have to put in to create a successful project. I’m 19 years old forgive me. I spent most of my summer writing & researching. I will reward myself soon.

I have 40% of my book written. Now the thing that worries me the most is getting it published.


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