Enjoying you’re blessings when the ones closest to you don’t believe in you



It’s totally natural that you would want to share good news with your friends. I make this mistake all the time. You can not share information with individuals who have a high volume of negative drama. Why? Simply because you exciting news is boring to them and its  not about them. Some friends are caught up on themselves and forget a conversation goes two ways. Its hard to face reality when it comes to the people we choose to let in our lives. Whats so hard to lend a ear for 10 mins?  Although you will be consuming me with useless drama for the next 45 minutes. Remember you called a real persons phone. It is not crisis hotline.

Only share news with people you know are going to be super happy and supportive. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and be proud of yourself. Once you stop looking for validation from idiotic people life will become a lot more simpler.


Xoxo Nefertari….



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