Kerry Washington: Volunteer, Because Voting Is Not Enough


kerry washingtonIn this exclusive opinion piece, actor Kerry Washington challenges Obama supporters to do more than simply vote.


During the presidential campaign in 2008, I was very vocal in my support for then Senator Barack Obama. I knew that he was the candidate we needed at the time, and I was inspired by the positive change he promised for our country.

Since then, simply put, the President has had our backs. In the three years since taking office, President Obama has delivered on many of his promises from the 2008 election. He has expanded health care coverage for millions of Americans. He’s recovered the auto industry, saving countless jobs. He’s made college more affordable by increasing Pell Grant funding. He ended the war in Iraq. He signed into law a woman’s right to fight for equal pay for equal work. He has promoted clean air and clean energy projects. He…

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