” All that glitter is not gold”

All that glitters is not gold
People and things are not always as attractive or valu-able as they seem: “‘I do wish I hadn’t a penny in the world, then I should know who my true friends were.’ ‘Poor little lass! She has found out that all that glitters is not gold, and the disillusion has begun,’said the doctor to himself” (Louisa May Alcott,Rose in Bloom,1876). The proverb occurs in Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice (2:7) in the form “All that glisters is not gold,” but the sentiment it expresses was first recorded c. 1220.Variant of this proverb: all is not gold that glitters.Proverb expressing similar meaning.
 This phrase is a harrowing truth! Who wants really wants to know that “All that glitter is not gold! Apparently my generation! I guess when i visit certain websites and they express the level of scary idolism. It kind of makes me mad that we see no fault in celebrities. Our children see these women who are superficial  and they aspire to be them. There’s nothing wrong with that but when the child  loses their self confidence to adopt some else i see a problem. Celebs are humans to and all that glitter is not gold!

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