Rice Chicken Pizza Top Salad


Chicken Pizza SaladRice on the bottom, salad in the middle, chicken on top of that, small herbed white pizza bite on top of that… is it Asian?  Is it Italian?!  Can it possibly be French?  Or since it’s a mix of all of that, shall we call it American?!?

Well, whatever it is, it’s mighty tasty and I am glad I had the patience to take photos of it tonight to share with you all before promptly and blissfully devouring it.

This was my dinner after a long day of pastry-making today, and it will definitely be a repeat in this girl’s house.  (or tiny apartment, but that’s neither here nor there.)  The tender chicken, the crisp yet creamy pizza topping, the fresh greens combining with the uplifting acidity of the salad and its dressing, all complemented by the fine grains of refreshing rice on the bottom– I hope it will…

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