Beef Pot Roast With Vegetables And Gravy

Thyme with Lauren

My husband, loves roast. I actually made this with deer backstrap because my parents had given us some earlier in the week. But you can use beef. I usually do. Unless I have deer, then I use deer. I love deer…we hunt a lot and my family processes our own meat for the year…So all of our ground meat, is actually deer. Anyways…Roast is very easy. It’s a staple recipe that every woman should know how to make. In my opinion anyways, but who cares about that…A good tender roast takes time though. Like 4-5 hours of time sometimes. BUT you won’t regret putting in the time for this one. It is definitely a goodin (good-n) : )

That’s how we country folk talk. Just kidding. I am actually city folk now…Not by choice though. My husband dragged me here. To the dreaded…….NEIGHBORHOOD. I don’t mind neighborhoods if the distance between houses…

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