Turkey and Dumplings- What to do with leftover Turkey

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Excellent day-after use for leftover Turkey. It’s a hearty meal perfect for cold weather and is extremely low in cost.

You’ll need:

2 quarts of turkey stock (recipe on my blog!)
Leftover turkey (you decide how much.)
Fluffy dumplings recipe (below)

Bring turkey stock to a boil, while making fluffy dumplings.

Fluffy Dumplings:
3 cups Biscuit Mix
1/3 cup water
Mix together well. It should be the consistency of play doh or similar. It will be lumpy and this is the desired result.

Add chunks of leftover turkey to the boiling stock.

Roll the dumpling dough into golf ball sized balls and drop into the pot. They will expand temporarily, this is to be expected.

Cover the pot to steam-bathe the dumplings, stirring occasionally.

Continue cooking the dumplings until they begin to shrink and the broth thickens. They are done when they are back to the golf ball size approx…

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