Recipe: Vegan Coconut Raspberry Sorbet

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The lactose-intolerant crowd knows how this story goes—unless gastrointestinal suicide is on your to-do list, eating large quantities of dairy is always a terrible idea. And yet, sometimes a big bowl of ice cream seems to be the only answer to all of life’s problems.

Since Christine is lactose-sensitive, we’ve experimented with numerous ice cream ingredient alternatives—Lactaid, almond milk, blended frozen bananas—but the one that wins our heart every time is coconut milk. Especially in this FREAKING POLAR VORTEX (what’s up, single-digit temperatures!), there’s nothing quite like the flavor of coconut to transport you back to the memory of a sunnier, more tropical-feeling day. And yes, we eat this in the middle of winter wrapped in blankets with the heat blasting.

With just four ingredients, this coconut raspberry sorbet couldn’t be easier to make. It’s not completely healthy (it’s ice cream, after all), but it’s way better for you than…

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