Spicy Vegetable Lemongrass Soup

Delectably Insatiable

Lemongrass Soup

I have been ill with a very bad flu since Boxing Day. When I finally regained my appetite, this soup is what I was craving.

I used to order a version of this soup at Freshii, but it was only available in a vegetable broth (I secretly envied those having this soup with the lemongrass broth (not vegetarian)). The only problem was that I didn’t always get the combination of vegetables I desired and the soup seemed more broth than anything else.

What else was I to do than create my own version? I love everything about this soup. At its foundation is the most beautiful lemongrass broth that will aromatize your entire home. It’s such a delicate but intricate broth with floral accents of lemon, star anise and spicy red Thai chili pepper. The sweetness of the carrots offset the spiciness of the chili perfectly making this soup…

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