Kandi Burruss Denies Being Messy

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Kandi Burruss’ party last week on “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” was a total disaster, but she swears it wasn’t her fault.

Things got off to a rocky start when she tried to bring estranged cast members together for a night of girl talk, sexy chatter and bonding. What could possibly go wrong?

“I know how to throw great parties. The food and decor were on point! Dr. Rachael and I had some great games that we had put together for the ladies,” Kandi wrote in her Bravo blog. “It was supposed to be a really fun time, but a couple of things went wrong.”

For starters, Kandi accused Nene Leakes of being a complete party pooper–especially after she would have been paired up with Cynthia Bailey. Then one of her other guests, a woman with teal hair named Gocha, dropped a major bomb on the festivities by…

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Who Looked More Bangin? Kenya Moore & NeNe Leakes Walk The Red Carpet At The Golden Globes [Photos]


Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 3.56.46 PM

Kenya Moore And NeNe Leakes At the Golden Globes

While her reality TV counterparts were being so nasty & so rude on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Sunday, Kenya Moore was walking the red carpet at the 2015 Golden Globes.

Ms. USA just couldn’t help but be excited about her trip to the Globes and posted the below tweet to Team Twirl…



she then shared photos of her look for the evening; a tidday baring gown and some (banging azz) makeup for the Golden Globes after parties.


She looks great right?????

Not to be outdone however, NeNe Leakes ALSO attended the Globes party circuit…


and rubbed elbows with Tamar Braxton.


What do YOU think??? Who looked more bangin’ at the Golden Globes festivities????Hit the flip for more photos.461417340461390324Nene-Leakes-2015-Golden-Globe-Awards-1461391734

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

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Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio: How He Makes Her ‘Knees Tremble’

Hollywood Life

Buzz surrounding a blossoming romance between Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna is heating up fast! Now HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Leo even makes Riri’s ‘knees tremble.’ So cute!

Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, has a way of making every lady nervous, even the most stylish and sassy singer: Rihanna! Leo and Riri, 26, two of the hottest single stars in Hollywood, have reportedly been hanging out! HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned why Leo has made the “We Found Love” singer weak in the knees!

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‘Eye Candy’ Premiere Recap: Lindy Flirts With Danger

Hollywood Life

Lindy will do absolutely anything to find her sister — even if that puts every life in danger. She’s spent three years searching for her, and it’s led her to a broken heart and a new challenge: to solve the case of a cyber killer.

Meet Lindy (Victoria Justice): a hacker who saw her sister get kidnapped right in front of her eyes and went around the police to try and solve the case. Her BFF wants to get her back in to the dating world, so what better way to do that than join a dating app? She didn’t expect for that dating app to also help her solve a new crime, and lead to even more horrific events.

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Preview: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ season 2 episode 13 “Pittura Infamante”

TV News & Views

A new episode of Sleepy Hollow airs January 19th and we’ve got a preview!

The episode is called “Pittura Infamante” Here’s the synopsis via The Futon Critic:

After the mysterious death of an art restorer at the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society Soiree, Ichabod and Katrina are reminded of a dear friend from their past – Abigail Adams (guest star Michelle Trachtenberg). Meanwhile, Abbie is shocked by someone’s visit to the police precinct.

Here’s a preview:

Tune in Monday, January 19th at 9/8c for a new episode of Sleepy Hollow on FOX.

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‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Recap: Period Talk & Inappropriate Sex Jokes

Ugh !!! they fire all the wrong people

Hollywood Life

‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ squeezed two episodes together on Jan. 5, but it’s outcome didn’t make many people happy – did the right people go home?

This week’s Celebrity Apprentice was really great for one team — and left the other team missing two members. From menstrual cycles to inappropriate sex jokes, the claws were definitely out this week. So Vortex and Infinity took on two challenges: the first was to write, direct and star in a commercial for Neat products; then the second, the teams had to set up a food tasting for Luvo’s frozen meals — and stay professional.

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Teresa Giudice’s Last Words Before Prison Revealed: ‘Let’s Get This Done’

Hollywood Life

Teresa began her 15-month prison sentence for fraud on Jan. 5. While the ‘RHONJ’ star had many fears about her prison time, she was ‘very strong’ upon her arrival. See what her last words were before being locked up.

Teresa Giudice42, left behind her four daughters when she turned herself into Danbury Federal Correctional Institution just after 3AM on Jan. 5. Teresa’s attorney, James J. LeonardJr., revealed what Teresa’s last words were before she was put away behind bars for 15 months.

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On the staircase following the path to success,

When i turn thirty i want a house down in key west,

I won’t let nobody bring me down.I’ll just put the bullshit to rest,

Catch me . I’m the life of the party and i wont allow the rain,

Gotta keep positive and  I won’t let my education go in vain,


Cassoulet, Leelanau Style

Little House by the Dunes


by Heather Harris Brady

These are desperate times people. The snow has reached depths on my person that should obligate it to buy me dinner. The term “polar vortex” is now bandied about in everyday conversation in place of “partly sunny” or even, “partly cloudy”. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and desperate measures call for one thing – cassoulet.

I fell in love with cassoulet in a little restaurant in Saugatuck and all the versions I’ve had since (my own or others) pale in comparison – but I finally came oh-so-close with this one. It is the best savory thing I’ve cooked all year. It’s rich, complex and it will warm you from the inside out. It takes an effort, I’m not going to sugarcoat that part, but if you make the journey at the end you’ll be able to lean back and say “yes – this, this is…

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Lentil and Cauliflower Curry


This recipe, although sounds and tastes very Indian; it is actually inspired by a South African relative of my ex-colleague. I had this curry for lunch when I was at a painting workshop in Steiner School.  It is easy to cook, healthy and most importantly tasty!

So let’s forget the same old boring and staple cauliflower and cheese, and add a bit of spice in our dinner menu…

lentil and cauliflower curry


1 tsp cumin seeds

1tsp black mustard seeds

2 bay leaves

1 tbsp minced garlic and ginger

1 finely chopped chilli (optional ‘not’)

2 medium sized onions

2 medium tomatoes, chopped

1 medium potato, diced

1 small cauliflower cut into bite sized pieces

1tbsp tumeric

1.2 tsp chilli powder

1tsp cumin power

1tsp garam masala

2 tsp sugar

salt to taste

1/2 cup of red lentil

1 tin of coconut milk (or cream)

2tbsp oil (Ghee preferably)


Par cook the…

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Recipe: Vegan Coconut Raspberry Sorbet

Razzle Frazzle Blog

The lactose-intolerant crowd knows how this story goes—unless gastrointestinal suicide is on your to-do list, eating large quantities of dairy is always a terrible idea. And yet, sometimes a big bowl of ice cream seems to be the only answer to all of life’s problems.

Since Christine is lactose-sensitive, we’ve experimented with numerous ice cream ingredient alternatives—Lactaid, almond milk, blended frozen bananas—but the one that wins our heart every time is coconut milk. Especially in this FREAKING POLAR VORTEX (what’s up, single-digit temperatures!), there’s nothing quite like the flavor of coconut to transport you back to the memory of a sunnier, more tropical-feeling day. And yes, we eat this in the middle of winter wrapped in blankets with the heat blasting.

With just four ingredients, this coconut raspberry sorbet couldn’t be easier to make. It’s not completely healthy (it’s ice cream, after all), but it’s way better for you than…

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Spicy Vegetable Lemongrass Soup

Delectably Insatiable

Lemongrass Soup

I have been ill with a very bad flu since Boxing Day. When I finally regained my appetite, this soup is what I was craving.

I used to order a version of this soup at Freshii, but it was only available in a vegetable broth (I secretly envied those having this soup with the lemongrass broth (not vegetarian)). The only problem was that I didn’t always get the combination of vegetables I desired and the soup seemed more broth than anything else.

What else was I to do than create my own version? I love everything about this soup. At its foundation is the most beautiful lemongrass broth that will aromatize your entire home. It’s such a delicate but intricate broth with floral accents of lemon, star anise and spicy red Thai chili pepper. The sweetness of the carrots offset the spiciness of the chili perfectly making this soup…

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Life: The bitch named Reality.

I use the word bitch because life is some times a bitch. How many times you were put in a situation that you were you wanted something you can’t have or you got into this really passionate yet very toxic relationship where you prayed and tried your very best to alter the outcome into your favor. It happens to the best of us right? Here’s the thing. Reality has its way of coming to surface whether  this reality comes in a form of a lesson or  a hidden reason that needed to be revealed. I say all this because i won’t you to start being thankful. Sometimes things go sour for a greater reason. Maybe your boyfriend was a killer lol and if y’all didn’t have that nasty break-up you could been an involuntary accomplice. Reality is hard but look at the picture. Things happen and there are no coincidences in life

Rustic Pear Gallette with Whole Wheat Blend Crust


gallette pear n

The sweet secret to this gallette is a generous layer of homemade cloudberry jam beneath the pears No cloudberries? Try raspberry, blackberry or apricot jam.

A gallette is a beautiful dessert that can whipped up on short notice – a perfect answer to a seasonal abundance of fresh fruit. During the summer, we made a delicious strawberry-port gallette with sliced almonds in the galley of our sailboat. Since it is wintertime, we decided to make the gallette a bit more full-bodied by adding wheat flour and some cornmeal to the crust. We happened to have pears on hand, but many other fruits readily lend themselves to this recipe. Enjoy a slice of pear gallette with a side salad, a favorite cheese and a freshly brewed cup of tea for a satisfying lunch in any season.

Rustic Pear Gallette


  • 1  cup all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/3 cup granulated…

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